T.B Projects: The Beginning

I have only been in propel for a couple of weeks, and yet I feel as I have already learned so much. Teamwork was one of the first things that we worked on as a class, we did the marshmallow and spaghetti tower challenge, and then we went into an escape room to work together in our assigned groups. I feel that this program focuses on each person as an individual and together as a team. This has led me to feel extremely comfortable in the classroom with my fellow peers, as this program really focuses on building a community. Feeling of a community is very important for either implementing collaboration, making new friends, or just being comfortable communicating with all of my peers.

I have had many great genuine conversations with both of my teachers, I really feel as if I have learned something new after every conversation. I feel very comfortable asking my teachers anything I do not completely understand, as they both give insightful answers to all sorts of questions. Both teachers help supply me with the information I need, and a positive reinforcement to always ask them about something I do not understand.

During my project conference with both of my teachers, I learned a lot about all the directions I can take my propel project. They helped by asking me tough questions that really made me think. I felt as if both my teachers genuinely cared about my success and wanted me to achieve the goals that I set for myself and my project. The support and specific questions for me and my project drive my imagination further, this allows me to think differently when applying ideas and questions for my project. I find that all of these great qualities that propel and its teachers supply are very important, the sense of a work environment, and supportive teachers, make propel an amazing experience for myself and hopefully everyone around me.

A proof of concept is used to help give you an idea of what it feels like working on a specific project or idea, this helps people get a better understanding of what to expect when working on their project. A proof of concept is a very important exercise that helps you discover if you really want to pursue an idea or project, and if your project will be achievable by your deadline.

I plan to build a video game for my project, for my proof of concept I plan on building one level for my video game. My proof of concept will also include a list of references of other video games, this is put in place to give me ideas and inspire how I want my video game to look. I will look through many games and pick specific qualities I liked about them, and I will use them to inspire how my game will look. I will use this to better explain how my game will look and run for example, I want my leveling system to be like Mario with the  side scroll and platforms. I will be able to incorporate many inspirations into my game, I plan on using the reference list to help organize these inspirations.

In addition to my previous statements, I will also compile a top ten list of things I will need to learn in order to build my game. This will include various things from remembering certain scripts that make up my collision detection, or it may include how to fit sprites into my game and how to adapt the resolution to look good. This is extremely useful as I will be using this as a guideline, I find it will help me organize what I need to learn and when I need to learn it. Organization is a very important key to bringing my game one step closer to completion, I plan on using this list to bring more organization and structure to my game development.

Programming my very first video game level is an extremely exciting and daunting task, I will need to build a basic intro to my game to go towards my proof of concept. I will use this task as an exercise for myself, I hope to gain a better understanding of game development. I hope that I can use this exercise to give myself a better idea, if I want to continue in creating  a video game for propel or not. This is one of the many reasons I think that proof of concepts are an extremely useful exercise to do.

Finally for the last part of my proof of concept, I will be compiling two checklists. The first checklist will be used to help me explain all of the things I learned, and all of the things I now know are possible for my video game. On the other hand the second checklist is the complete opposite, I will be using this checklist to explain all the things I still do not know are possible for the completion of my project. I hope to implement lots of detail into these checklists, the more detail I put into my checklist the more i understand what is and isn’t possible for my project.

All things considered, I am very excited to use this activity to gain more insight about video game development. I hope to learn as much as possible during this time, I hope by the end of this exercise I will have a much better answer for myself. This answer being if I genuinely want to continue with video game development, or no longer work in this area in propel.

Until then, Tarren out.